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Geodynamics Research Group

About Us

The Geodynamics Research Group is part of the Department of Geosciences at Penn State. The group is led by Dr. Kevin Furlong, who supervises several graduate students and also offers research opportunities for undergraduates. We take interdisciplinary approaches towards addressing major scientific problems in Lithospheric Geodynamics and Plate Tectonics. Some of our recent projects include: For a more extensive description of current and past projects, see our Research page.

Recent News

2018 Fall

Haley Ramirez defended her Master's thesis and will be graduating in early December, before starting her job at Noble Energy (congrats Haley!). Dr. Kevin Furlong, Kirsty McKenzie and Morgan Frazier (one of our undergraduates) recently took a trip to Oregon to meet with their collaboraters on a new exciting grant that focuses on understanding how the Cascadia upper plate is deforming. Last but not least, Thamer Alotaibi has been invited to give a presentation at Caltech on his work in understanding the tectonics of the Red Sea Rift System.

2018 Spring

The main news is that the news secton has (finally) been updated thanks to Kirsty McKenzie (sorry for the delay). Thamer Alotaibi is continuing his analysis of the Red Sea rift system, with an exciting new geochemistry chapter to is research! Haley Ramirez is busy finishing her Master's work exploring offshore faults within the Thailand Penninsula.

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